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  • Welcome to Seeds

    a unique experiential-based learning center for pre-school and academy-aged children of the Wenatchee Valley

    • We Embrace

      your child’s individuality and support his/her self-expression in our center’s progressive learning stations – an environment designed for one-on-one attention.

    • We Educate

      using a theme-based Creative Curriculum – interweaving the foundation studies: reading, math, writing, and problem-solving – with exposure to ideas and cultures from around the world.

    • We Encourage

      your child’s sense of self and responsibility with lessons designed to emphasize confidence building, personal values, and self-expression.

    • We Expand

      your child’s horizon by encouraging investigation, discovery, and creativity in a natural, sensory-integrated environment designed to facilitate your child’s personal, social and emotional growth.

  • For Growing Minds Ages Three And Up

    At Seeds, your child will be guided developmentally with daily opportunities for hands-on experimentation, investigation , and creative expression. They will have access to activities and equipment which promote a fun, safe, and successful learning experience.

    We’re committed to your child’s learning experience which is enriched by the sharing of gifts and knowledge of our talented staff as well as our partner teachers from the local cultural, art, academic and business communities.

  • Our Classes

    Students Exploring Embracing and Discovering Success

    Age and maturity relevant classes with morning and/or afternoon schedules, convenient early pick-up or drop-off options and hand-selected curriculum.

    • Pre-School
      2, 3 or 4-Days Per Week
      • 3-4
      • 3.5
    • Kinder-Ready
      4-Days Per Week
      • 4-5
      • 3.5
    • Academy / Elementary
      Blended Schoolhouse Setting
      • 5 and up
      • Full or 1/2 Day
    • Summer Programs
      Dynamic and Fun Summer Mini-Camps
      • 3-12
      • Fun & Fills Quickly

    “Tell me and I will forget; Show me and I may remember; Involve me and I will understand.”

    Our staff embraces children’s individual differences–interests, learning styles, temperaments, life experiences, and cultures.  We are experienced in working with children who have learning challenges and those with special needs.

  • We open your child's eyes to a world beyond the ABC's and 123's....

    We offer a safe and secure learning environment for children of all abilities, spiritual, and cultural heritages; and coach your children in their life journey by:

    • Nurturing a sense of self-worth and respect
    • Embracing individual differences and abilities
    • Cultivating a balance between creative and critical thinking skills
    • Inviting self-expression through music, dance, drama, and art
    • Providing a sensory integrated learning environment
    • Tending to the importance of your child's individuality
    • Fostering the integration of the body, mind and spirit
    • Promoting a joy of learning
    • Helping children to grow with life wisdom

    You are invited to learn more, please contact us today.

    • Learning & Fun

      Themes-based exploration with exposure from ideas from around the world

    • Healthy Life

      Promoting a balanced life full of healthy choices, vibrant activities, cultural respect, and sound nutrition

    • Strong Community

      We encourage safe and healthy interaction with others by involving local groups and professional organizations in our teaching

    • Safe & Secure

      Culturally, philosophically and physically secure facilities together with staff training on security, active response, and safety protocol offer parents peace-of-mind.

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  • Meet Our Team

    Excellence in education and early childhood development

    Our staff is highly trained and experienced in identifying and facilitating your child's particular learning style.

    • Ms. Becky
      Founder & Director
    • Ms. Katya
      Assistant Director
    • Ms. Whitney
      Lead Academy Teacher
    • Ms. Christy
      Academy Prep Teacher
    • Ms. Barbara
      Seedlings & Sprouts Primary Teacher

    Young children are active learners, using their whole body to explore, to experiment and to problem solve.  Our team has decades of combined experience helping young minds engage and explore through experiential learning, integrated activities and creative expression.

    • Some of my favorite people! Full of warmth, care, curiosity and fun!

      Maureen Flannery
    • Seeds gave both of my children an exceptional preschool experience!

      Renee Langevin Wilkens
    • Farrah couldn’t have received a better education anywhere else! She also made the best of friends and loved each and every one of her teachers.

      Kathy Moody
    • You can truly tell the teachers that work there love to work there and love teaching kids. Its a wonderful place and I actually feel relieved to have found it as I can drop my daughter off with piece of mind.

      Shawn Michael Lawson
    • The best place for kids to shine and find themselves amazing teachers with nothing but love and guidance for your children. My kids are blessed to attend seeds.

      Arroyo Garcia Jaime
    • This place is amazing. My daughter loves her teachers. The entire building is just so clean and bright and colorful.

      Shawn Michael Lawson
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