Make The Right Choice

March 18, 2016

A common obstacle in today’s public school system is the culture of disengagement, “coolness” and obligatory curriculum. Kids that love to learn are often teased and pressured to follow the crowd.
Parents are desperate for a school with passion and drive to deliver a sound moral and whole-child approach to education. One that reflects their family’s values and supports their parenting philosophies.

Seeds has expertly created an atmosphere uninfluenced by politics and red tape and negative pressures to fit in with the crowd. Seeds lacks many of the ailments common to public sector education such as disrespect for teachers, tardiness, absenteeism, unpreparedness to learn, lack of parent involvement and student apathy.

We’ve grown a community of engaged families. A community where it’s acceptable, praiseworthy and encouraged to show enthusiasm for learning. Seeds offers an environment where Math is cool. And Science and Geography are cool. And Community Service and kindness and respect and confidence are ALL so very cool.

Through an environment that is motivating, supportive and nurturing, Seeds implants a sense of pride in their student’s personal character.


Choice Into Seeds This Coming School Year

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