Natural Playscapes Fuel Imagination

May 25, 2016

Looking back, most of us associate our own childhood to playing outdoors; building forts and tree houses, swinging from ropes and tire swings, digging in the dirt and chasing butterflies. Unstructured, unscheduled, unbridled play. Outdoor play defined our childhoods.

Research continues on the positive impacts of natural play on children’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical well-being. Without guidance, children naturally take initiative and create activities and stories from the world around them. Natural playscapes stimulate imagination and creativity.

Children are spending less time in unstructured, outdoor play; 50% less than 20 years ago. Contributing factors include the declining access to unregulated natural play spaces, increased parental fears of allowing outdoor play without direct supervision and, most notably, the rise of the digital age and electronic entertainment. Schools days are growing longer, recesses are getting shorter and families are getting busier. Now is the time to bring natural play back to our children and back to our schools.

Support Our Natural Playscape & Outdoor Enrichment Center

Seeds Learning Center & Academy is passionate about bringing unstructured, outdoor play back to our children’s childhood. Help us create a natural playscape and enrichment center.

By encouraging children to cultivate positive and meaningful relationships with nature, while allowing nature to provide opportunities to navigate challenge and risk, we can help our students develop better judgement and decision making skills while growing their creativity, consideration and social skills.

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