Drop-off Procedures For Safety & Efficiency

January 16, 2018

With many new improvements to our school and our growing student population we’ve updated our check-in and check-out procedures.  Parents received our updated policies in their welcome packet (let us know if you’d like another copy).

Key Points:

  • Please arrive on-time and be mindful of those around you; please PULL FORWARD to the white line and avoid conversations in the driveway while others are waiting.   (8am-Preschool/8:15am Kinder-Ready/12pm-Blossoms)
  • Please do not exit your car.  If you wish to walk your child to the door, please park on the street.
  • We ask that your child is ready to go (bag in hand) for the greeter to CHECK-IN AT YOUR VEHICLE (yes, no more walking to the door).
  • We’ll use Brightwheel to check-in and register notes
  • Thank you for respecting that the driveway is a NO CELLPHONE ZONE (if you’re caught on the phone in the drive we’ll send your child home with a new puppy)
  • The City of Wenatchee is mandating NO LEFT TURNS out of the Seeds Learning Center Parking Lot – there will be signs and turn restrictions in place for the Academy building as well.

We’re thankful for your support in keeping our driveway a safe and stress-free area to welcome parents and students each day.

At Seeds Learning Center & Academy your child’s safety is of utmost concern, as is the safety of our staff, parents and the greater community.  Your mindfulness of others while approaching and leaving Seeds Learning Center & Academy is greatly appreciated.


* NOTE: Puppies are an additional charge J – This post is for your convenience.  Seed Learning Center, LLC and Seeds Learning Academy, LLC, its owners, directors and/or assigns are not responsible for vehicle operators and assume no liability for actions or lack of action by others.  Others are obligated to follow applicable policies, laws and regulations and are responsible for themselves.  Please refer to the Parent Manual and/or Parking and Driveway Policies.  Thank you.