Sprouts Curriculum

February 06, 2018

As leaders in education Seeds must continue to create curriculum that best fits the current student population. In January the Sprouts class began their new personalized curriculum. The Sprouts curriculum is interactive, focuses on small motor development, recognition, and increases the students cognitive development. Every student completes the same worksheet every Tuesday and Thursday. The repetition of curriculum at this stage in development is essential. Seeds highly encourages all parents to review their students worksheet together at home, allowing the child to reteach what they have learned and share about their class activities.
Learning Time Review
* Interactive Group Focus Activity
* Name Review
* Name Cards
* Worksheet instruction and completion (Below you will find samples of the new curriculum worksheets.)
If you have any questions or would like ideas of activities you could do at home with your child, please contact us.
seeds.director@outloook.com — seeds.katya@outlook.com