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August 12, 2018

Join an amazing team! Seeds is expanding and is looking to connect with the right early childhood education professional to join our team of passionate and caring educators.  If you’re driven to create vibrant learning environments and collaborate with a dedicated team in providing the most enriching and rewarding experiences for preschool through elementary-aged children, please review the following criteria and  to begin the discussion.

Or, if you know of a passionate and caring individual that is right for the challenge, please, send them our way.

Current Positions:

  • Part-Time Preschool Teacher
  • School Aide

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General Duties & Job Description

Instruction & Student Achievement:

  • Teach students the importance of hard work through joyful, engaging, dynamic learning that is academically, intellectually and personally challenging.
  • Implement Seeds whole-child approach to learning. Seeds focus is on academic, social and emotional development. Seeds teachers cultivate skills and values such as creativity, good judgement and decision making, confidence, respect of self and others, integrity, as well as community service and respect and appreciation for nature.
  • Nurture student’s intellectual curiosity and encourage critical thinking, investigation and discovery.
  • Foster a love of learning, celebrate student successes and challenge students to reach their highest potential.
  • Understand that classroom observational feedback will emphasize the successful implementation of the above teaching methods.
  • Model and promote Seeds character traits to students and stress the importance of each student being a responsible, contributing member to society. Recognize and reward students for displaying Seeds character traits and maintain zero tolerance for bullying and disrespect.
  • Implement current Seeds curriculum and have all activities and supplies prepped at the beginning of each day.
  • Implement all technology and software programs provided by Seeds, operating and using technology for optimum results. Ensure students know how to operate and use any applicable technology and software provided.
  • Monitor and assess students’ daily work to reflect excellence in neatness and thoroughness and be accountable for students’ mastery of academic goals. Ensure students do their best in every subject and use neat, legible handwriting on all assignments.
  • Take ownership in the curriculum and lesson plans and apply the same standards as above.

Management & Organization:

  • Encourage class attendance and participation with recognition, rewards and parent communication.
  • Implement classroom rules, procedures and consequences and follow school drills and procedures as outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook and utilize the Handbook as a first point of reference.
  • Maintain a neat, clean, orderly and educationally-centered environment that demonstrates Seeds standards of excellence. Seeds teachers take pride in the classroom and campus and instill this in their students each day.
  • Follow attendance-taking procedures and use applicable software to maintain timely and accurate reporting.
  • Ensure student folders/files such as benchmarks, exams, communication logs and report cards are updated promptly, accurately and in accordance with Seeds standards of excellence.

Professionalism & Communication:

  • Demonstrate professionalism by being in regular attendance and arriving on time to work, staff meetings, tutorials, parent nights and other assigned duties.
  • Work cooperatively to create an atmosphere of unity and trust and refrain from gossip, negativity and unsupportive comments.
  • Demonstrate professionalism at ALL times. Remain calm, courteous and respectful and non-defensive during parent meetings and other communications and interactions.
  • Utilize professional communication with strong grammar, syntax, usage and/or spelling skills during phone or in-person conversations, email and other written communication as well as social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Refrain from engaging in controversial subjects on social media. Use professional communication on and off campus.
  • Maintain professional appearance and follow Seeds standard of dress. This standard of dress also applies to social media posts in regards to modesty in both dress and action (ex: swimsuit, cleavage, & shirtless pictures, in addition to posts with alcohol, cigarettes and bars etc.).
  • Regularly communicate to parents about student achievement levels, class behavior, assigned homework, academic needs and any other concerns that arise.
  • Communicate information regarding school calendar, planned school activities, field trips, money collection and other events that are imperative and time sensitive to the parents of the classroom.
  • Check staff email regularly and check teacher in-box daily reading all updates, notes, and employee notices in a timely manner.

If you feel you or someone you know is a perfect fit and you’d like to connect for further information, please contact us today.

  or Download The Job Description

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