Kinder Ready January 2020

December 31, 2019

Welcome back in 2020!

We hope everyone had a fabulous and restful break! We are looking forward to a bright start in 2020!

Coming in January

* Mega Math Hour – 16th                   * No school – 20th Martin Luther King Jr. Day                        * In-house Registration – January 27th                       * Community Registration begins – February 3rd                 

As we begin a New Year, we will be diving into animals in different locations. Going from winter/cold followed into the jungle. After the jungle we will be going into the zoo and ending our month off with pets! Although we cannot bring in our pets/animals into class (bummer, I know!) pictures are more than welcome (:

Sharing days are January 9th (My winter break), 23rd (My favorite Animal), and 30th (My Pet or the pet I would like).

We have outdoor recess EVERY day the temperature is above 28 degrees, with some consideration for weather that makes the playground unsafe. Please be sure that your student has snow gear daily! Students without snow pants/boots (when there is snow on the ground) will have limited play choices. Snow/muck boots are highly recommended for the playground daily! Snow clothes should be labeled with your child’s name and sent to school with them in a labeled bag. Students often do NOT recognize their own items and we have MANY duplicates. We do not wear snow pants in school – too hot and hard to use the restroom. The playground is generally muddy and active play is encouraged and therefore falling and sliding in the mud happens, please be sure your student is dressed for this active and often dirty play!

January 29th at 10 am the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society will visit with a friendly pet.

Special Day

We have a special day on the calendar in January, Mega Math Hour. For this event we will be partnering with the Academy Class to give our students the chance to build confidence, academic skills, and social skills through fun peer to peer learning. We are excited!  

2020-2021 Registration

Registration for the 2020-2021 school year is quickly approaching! Seeds Learning Center and Academy provides an exceptional education experience for students 3 to 12 years old (Preschool-5th grades). In-house registration is only a week this year, beginning January 27th. All classes fill on a first come – first served basis. If you have questions or would like more information on your student’s options, please feel free to contact us! We open all registration to the public February 3rd.

Questions or to Volunteer

Ms. Whitney: Ms. Marlene: Ms. Becky: Or we are Always available on BRIGHTWHEEL!