Academy February 2020

January 31, 2020

Kinder Ready and Academy Students had a blast at MEGA Math Day! Such a fun learning time for all our friends!

Posted by Seeds Learning Center on Thursday, January 16, 2020

Dates to Remember

– Riverwest Walking Field Trip – 12th  

– Valentine’s Day Party – 13th

– No school – 14th through 18th

– 100th Day Celebration – 21st

– Book Reports Due – 27th

Coming Up…

February is a fun and very short month!

We begin with Academy Prep Assessments on the 3rd and 4th. Students will still have regular class schedule. Academy Prep students will have one on one assessment period with Ms. Christy when the student is best prepared. Attendance is very important. Please be sure your student is well rested and eating well.

Our mid-winter break is February 14th – 18th. We will have a spelling test on Thursday, February 13th before break. School will resume Wednesday, February 19th. There will not be a spelling test that week.

Valentine’s Day

February 13th is our Valentine’s Day celebration. Be sure to wear red! We will have some fun activities and a valentine exchange. Valentines can be as simple or creative as you wish but, nut and candy free please! We encourage students to label their own valentines. The class list can be found below. We would love to have 2 volunteers for this time.  

Academy Class: Aviya, Clay, Elijah, Elliot, Gibran, Greyson, Jayden, Kaelyn, Kyler, Lejend, Lily, Makayla, Makel, Minaal, Nasario, Niam, Parker, Penny, Pyper, Sawyer, Will, & Willow

We will be walking to Riverwest on February 12th to spread some love! We will need 2-3 volunteers to join us.

100th Day!

Our Hundredth Day of school is Friday, February 21st! We will celebrate with special snacks, math fun, and “100” sharing. Students should bring 100 of something to share. It could be 100 stickers, picture of 100 of your favorite animals, picture of Bob’s 100-gallon fish tank, or a 100-piece puzzle. – Be creative!  We are also planning a special surprise for the students and would love to have a few volunteers to help blow up balloons Thursday afternoon (3 pm) for about 20 minutes.


Our Discovery on February 28th will be learning about the true story of one woman’s movement to recycle the plastic bags polluting her community. Students need to bring an OLD USED (any size) t-shirt that they can repurpose. If you do not have a t-shirt that your student can use please let us know!


This month our science studies will take us inside our own bodies! We will explore the muscular, nervous, respiratory, and circulatory. We will also look at how these systems work together to make the human body work.

Social Studies

We’re leaving the snowy polar regions and heading to Earth’s largest continent, Asia!  This month we’ll visit China, India, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Japan.  Special holiday celebrations, unique foods, and a stop by the world’s tallest mountain (above sea level) are all in store.

Save the Date!

Academy conferences are Thursday, March 19th. These are student lead conferences and students should attend. There is no school Thursday or Friday.

Questions or to Volunteer

Ms. Whitney:                                                                             Ms. Christy:               Or we are always available on Brightwheel!